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tip 7 to improve your cold email

Tip No.7 to improve your cold email

When you're wrapping up your cold email, you'll throw in a CTA (Call to Action) to tell your Prospect what action they should take.

Now the most important thing is to remove as much friction as possible, and make it EASY for your Prospect to take action.

If say, you're offering a product demo, and you want your Prospect to take you up on that offer.

Send across 3-4 potential dates/times that your Prospect can choose from. This way, your Prospect can simply pick a date, instead of having to ask you "What's next?", or having to take the initiative to propose a date and time to you.

Even better, insert a link that your Prospect can use to schedule and appointment with you.  This lessens the back and forth, and makes the process a lot faster.

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