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tip 6 to improve your cold email

Tip No. 6 to improve your cold email

This one's pretty obvious.  Complimenting your Prospect can help you get into his/her good books, and help your build rapport.

That said, here's something that not many sales reps realise...

Not ALL compliments are equally effective, and an insincere compliment could actually ruin your chances with a lead.

So what's the key to coming up with a compliment that works?

Here's a negative example:

"I read your blog article on voice technology, and it's the most AMAZING article I've read on the topic!"

This compliment is a little over the top, and it sounds insincere.

On the other end of the spectrum, some reps will say something along the lines of:

"Your company is pretty impressive."

This compliment is far too generic and vague, and it feels like it's just been copied and pasted into the email for the sake of it.

Try and strive for the middle ground here. Here's and example:

" I recently read your article, ABC of Digital Efficiency, and enjoyed it immensely. It must've taken you a lot of time to interview all the industry leaders that you featured in it.  I came away with plenty of great insights and tips to apply to my own sales strategies."

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