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Bonjoro - the best way to say 'Thank You'

Why do I feel that so many on-line companies take you for granted. I am just an order number or an email address. If you use them once for something you want, they bombard with offers for things you don't want. Its that continual product email that gets up my goat.

At least in a shop you feel special as the sales assistant says "Thank You" or even "Have a nice day". It's the human interaction that makes you feel good. It makes you feel LOVED.

On-line buys are just boring and immediately forgotten. It is an unloving commercial transaction.

Meet Bonjoro

Bonjoro is an outstanding E-Commerce tool, but use for for more than a simple purchase. Bonjoro will make loyalty stick. This is what you need to give a real personal touch to all your on-line interactions.

Bonjoro creates an instant Impact

Bonjoro is a short video ice breaker that enables you to send short personalised welcome or thank you, or any other kind of response, videos to your customers or subscribers directly from your phone.

It's the digital equivalent of giving your customers a big hug. It makes you customers feel LOVED.
I really think that's its the missing link in transacting with your website.

The power is not just what it does, but the real impact its has on your customers.

When was the last time you actually just thanked a customer?

Now seeing is believing.


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