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The BAB framework is pretty self-explanatory.

It involves highlighting a before vs after scenario, and positioning your product or service as a “bridge” that allows your lead to get from the “before” to “after”.

Here’s an example: 

Hi [Name],

A quick search of [Company Name] shows that you appear on the fifth page of Google, which is way behind [Competitor A] and [Competitor B].

I don’t need to tell you this – in this day and age, being visible online is everything. Since you’re not ranking on Google, you’ll probably find it hard to generate awareness about your business and acquire new customers.

If you’re keen to learn how to increase your ranking, I’ll be happy to schedule a demo to walk you through my company’s SEO tool. Many of our clients have used this tool to help them rank on Google’s Page One – and once you do that, you’ll find your traffic increasing exponentially, and your sales will skyrocket as well. In fact, here’s a case study of how Client X generated $100,450 more in revenue in 3 months after ranking using our SEO tool.

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