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are cold emails effective

Are cold emails ineffective?

There are plenty of sales reps who write off cold emails from the get-go, but like I have said, cold emails CAN be highly effective if done properly.

Take this Case Study by B2B sales emailing consultancy Salesfolk, for example. In this case study, Salesfolk talks about how they helped their client boost their cold email open and response rates.

The client had a less than 2% response rate before they approached Salesfolk, and after they tweaked their email according the to the Salesfok suggestion the results increased significantly to:

57% open rate
21% response rate

Pretty insane, huh? That is a 10X increase in their response rate - just by switching up the contents of their sales emails!

Here is the new email template that this company is now using:

Hello [first name]

I have an idea that I can explain in 10 minutes that can get [company] its next 100 best customers.

I recently used this idea to help our client [company/competitor] almost triple their monthly response rate.

[First Name}, let's schedule a quick 10 minute call so I can share the idea, when works best for you?

- [Name]

It's obvious why this email template works - it's quick, it's simple, and it's easy to understand.

The bottom line?

Cold emails CAN produce great results, and you should definitely incorporate them into your marketing and sales strategy.

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